Music videos, reinvented.
Classical music, revolutionized.

You think you know classical music? Think again.

Stingray CMusic is the only channel dedicated to modernizing classical music on television by presenting great works in a music video format. The result: dynamic, engaging and award-winning programming that accompanies life’s every occasion.

Memorable, engaging, award-winning

Original and appealing to all music fans, Stingray CMusic presents the world’s leading classical artists like you’ve never seen them before, as well as stunning cinematic footage set to epic music. All in a dazzling and exciting bite-size format.

  • One-of-a-kind 24/7 programming of classical, contemporary classical, and cinematic music videos
  • Artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, live sessions and themed weekends
  • Curated by mood and designed to accompany viewers throughout their day

Programming Grid

Soundtrack your morning latté, family brunch or cozy night in with non-stop magnificent videos set to exquisite music. Day or night, tune in to:

  • Dawn Chorus
  • Simply Strings
  • Tenors & Divas
  • Evening Encore
  • Moonlight Melodies
  • And more.



Every Day

11PM to 5AM


Every Day

5AM to 10AM


Every Day

10AM to 11AM

Hall of

Monday to Friday

11AM to 5PM

& Divas

Every Day

5PM to 6PM


Every Day

6PM to 11PM

Featured artists and composers

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